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Lessons Learned from Years with

The Covid-19 Virus

The Corona Virus or the Covid -19 is a virus found in animals and it affects the respiratory system in man, there are other types of the virus like the Middle East respiratory syndrome -MERS virus and the severe acute respiratory syndrome – SARS virus that originated from south China, the Covid- 19 virus has since been declared a pandemic by the world health organization – WHO
The Corona Virus is contagious, and it is said to originate from animals though it is not yet confirmed from which animal and moves from one infected person to healthy person, when the infected coughs or sneezes, the respiratory droplets move to the other and if the healthy person is within a radius of 6 feet then they can be infected by the virus. The symptoms of the corona virus include cough, shortness of breath and fever of at least 38 Celsius and for those with weakened immunity the symptoms will be severe pneumonia like. The Corona virus has no identified medication that can treat it, however the doctors will conduct tests on an individual and rule out case of other respiratory infections and advice further from the results of the tests, this is illness has no medication but with a strong immune system one can recover from the corona virus. Due to the fact there is no medication for this disease the best way it to use preventative measures like, avoid crowded areas or places with large gatherings, cough into your upper sleeve or elbow or into a tissue but not into your hands, wash your hands thoroughly for not less than 10 seconds, wash with soap especially after visiting the toilets or in case your hands are visibly dirty just ensure you wash with soap and water or use an alcohol based sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol concentration to avoid the transmission of this virus. Corona Virus is a world pandemic that has baffled many but research is still underway to get the treatment, in the mean time we observe preventative measures like maintaining proper hygiene and self-quarantine if one is sick to avoid further spread of the disease also the need to east well and get the right amounts of sleep to build on the immune system for the recovery of the virus depends on a strong immune system, that said there is a fear worldwide about this pandemic that has created corona virus anxiety among the people and this is not good for tolerated anxiety can get out of hand and make the normal daily functions of a human become difficult because of emotional and mental disturbances caused by anxiety and so the need to seek professional help through counselors, currently there are counselling sites with professional counselors on board that offer online counselling for corona virus anxiety, log on to these site and take look at what on offer and seek further assistance to deal with the corona virus anxiety.

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